The San Fernando Valley has seen a lot of development in recent years. Back in the day, the Valley was basically just an orange grove, but now it’s a perfect blend of urban vibes with suburban charm. Perhaps the best example of how shopper-friendly (consumerist?) the Valley’s become is Westfield Topanga. In 2015, we saw the retailer add The Village—an outdoor shopping and dining center off of Topanga Boulevard. The most recent retail addition to this bustling area? Topanga Social.

On June 8, 2023, aka four weeks after the food court’s grand opening, a friend and I pulled up to the Westfield Topanga valet, handed them our keys, and stepped inside the mall. Topanga Social is a glorified food court—but we mean that in the best way possible. As much as I love the malls in Northridge, Burbank, and Glendale, the food there is fine.

At Topanga Social, however, the food is fire. Among the 27 restaurants in this food lovers’ destination? Fat Sal’s, Shrimp Daddy, D-Town Pizzeria, and Wanderlust Creamery. At the time of this publishing, three Topanga Social eateries were not yet open. A representative said they would be open soon.

What I did during the three hours I spent at Topanga Social

During our visit, we grabbed a pie from D-Town Pizzeria—which was absolutely phenomenal. Had this place been around when we put together our list of the best pizza in the Valley, it probably would’ve topped the list. 

While we waited for the pizza, we walked around, sippin’ on a mango michelada from I Love Micheladas—which was just okay. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it gave the flavors it was supposed to give.

I downed my miche in 10 minutes (I guess I was thirsty), so we walked around the food court to get acquainted with the space. Unsurprisingly, I had to use the bathroom pretty soon thereafter. What was surprising, however, was that there were a couple of photo booths in there. 

Topanga Social also features two side-by-side seated photo ops. They both contain a red, regal-looking armchair in the background—but there’s a key difference between them. One will crown you as royalty while the other professes you an evil entity. Of course, there’s the olive-green Topanga Social branding on each background. (How else would people know where you’re at?)

We also had a margarita from Rock & Reilly’s, an Irish gastropub serving up tasty drinks and delicious eats. What I loved the most about this eatery was that it has a very chic lounge in which patrons can enjoy their sips and bites. The 21-and-up section is actually roped off from the rest of the area. 

The vibes kind of give tobacco lounge. The walls are a rich green, and they’re accented by the dark green leather love seats as well as the dimly lit lamps. In my humble opinion as someone who enjoys a good bar, the Rock & Reilly’s lounge is the place to be at Topanga Social.

My honest (and brief) review of Topanga Social

There’s really not much to dislike about Topanga Social. It’s local. The food they offer is fire. Their drinks are also delicious. You’ll find savory, sweet, salty, and sour flavors. Additionally, you can have an adult beverage to accompany your meal. During my visit, I definitely made plans to come back—but I’ll wrap it all up by watching a movie at the recently opened AMC.

That said, I did have some cons. One of my main priorities as founding editor of Viva the Valley is to support small businesses from the 818. To the best of my knowledge, Topanga Social only boasts one Valley-based company. (That’s Wanderlust.) I wish there was more of a focus on San Fernando Valley-owned businesses.

Final thoughts

I’ll definitely be going to Topanga Social, but I’ll probably only go when I have extra cash to blow. My friend and I ordered a pizza, one michelada, four drinks, and one two-scoop cup of ice cream. For all that, we spent approximately $150.

If I’m being 100 percent honest, though, I’m happy to pay that to know that this cool food hall is going to be around for a while. I can see myself meeting more friends for drinks here, or maybe even for a quick lunch. I actually said to my friend that I could see myself working here from time to time. (There’s a coffee shop, so I’m not too far off.)

Frankly, I’d suggest you check out Topanga Social sooner than later. I know I wish I did.


As a writer and first-generation Mexican American born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I'm passionate about celebrating the communities in the 818. That passion fueled the founding of Viva the Valley in November 2020 and it continues to fuel its upkeeping. Full time, I'm a writer and editor at California State University, Northridge. I also am a freelancer and work with editors at websites and magazines as well as small business owners who want to share more on their business blogs.

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