There are levels to sushi. Are you a California roll-only type of person? Do you have to have two pieces of salmon belly? Do you prefer fresh rolls to tempura rolls, or baked rolls to hand rolls? Regardless of your preference, there’s something in this list for you. And, let’s be real, there’s tons of good sushi in the San Fernando Valley.

Read on for a list of 16 sushi restaurants in the Valley, from Granada Hills to Sherman Oaks to Sylmar.

16 great sushi spots in the San Fernando Valley

1. Asahi Sushi, Granada Hills 

If you live in the 91344, you know Asahi Sushi is the neighborhood sushi spot. Sometimes the wait creeps into the hour-long territory, which isn’t ideal, but the sushi is well worth every minute. Pro tip: Visit Asahi during the week to avoid weekend traffic.

2. Sushi Mac, Sherman Oaks

Not too far from where the 101 and 405 freeways converge sits Sushi Mac, a hole-in-the-wall that’s bound to have the rolls you’re looking for at wallet-friendly prices. If you plan to visit during peak hours, be prepared to deal with a chaotic parking lot.

3. Shin Sushi, Encino

I still find it odd that the marshmallow man who sells tires is also a world-class authority on fine dining for some reason. However, facts don’t care about my feelings, and the fact of the matter is that Chef Azumi Taketoshi’s Shin Sushi has a coveted Michelin star to its name. If you decide to trust in the puffy white tire guy’s sought-after star, you will not be disappointed. The sushi is simply superb.

4. Xevichez, Sylmar, Northridge

Countless cultures and ethnicities mingle and mix within The Valley’s borders, so it’s no surprise that a sushi spot as borderless as Xevichez would exist here. Their bold fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisines creates a unique culinary experience that should make any sensible person wonder how nobody thought to pair sashimi and micheladas sooner.

5. Catch Me Sushi, Canoga Park, Northridge

I enjoy chic, colorful vibes and top-notch sushi. I’m also a fan of Japanese beers and sake. Wine is nice, too. With all that said, if you find yourself in the suburbs of Canoga Park (as one often does), then you can catch me at Catch Me. See you there. Oh, and to my fellow Matadors: I heavily suggest checking out the location near CSUN.

6. Kazuki, North Hollywood

Nestled in Hollywood’s northern namesake, Kazuki is a worthy pilgrimage for sushi stans across The Valley. Quality ingredients, friendly staff, and Valley-tinged menu items like the 101 Roll and NoHo Roll make this eatery easy to love.

7. Roll Roll, Tarzana

Where does Tarzana end and Woodland Hills begin? Roll Roll, a quaintly named sushi spot, straddles the border between the two neighborhoods. But this list isn’t about geography; it’s about raw fish. Luckily for us, chef Sang Kyu Shin—the sushi veteran who founded Roll Roll nearly 10 years ago—serves up tasty, affordable fare that’s bound to hit the spot and distract from silly conversations about neighborhood zoning. 

8. Okumura, Encino

The good folks over at Okumura pride themselves on not cutting corners when it comes to their food, and the results are hard to argue against. An elite kitchen staff, homemade sauces, and fish that’s delivered fresh daily? Yeah, this Encino establishment is a safe bet. 

9. The Brothers Sushi, Woodland Hills

If you’re looking for fast and cheap sushi, then The Brothers might not place first on your list. However, you would be missing out on one of The Valley’s most celebrated and decorated sushi destinations. The owners recently confirmed plans to open a second location in Santa Monica, but The Brothers will always remain a valued member of the 818 fam. 

10. Light and Healthy, Woodland Hills

This all-you-can-eat sushi spot is no doubt a favorite among Valley natives. For just shy of $30, you get unlimited hand and cut rolls as well as “kitchen items,” which include miso soup and a variety of tempura. 

11. Midori Sushi, Encino, Sherman Oaks 

The cool thing about Midori is that it has preset menus to take the work out of ordering. Oh, and they also have all-you-can-eat—though you only get an hour to stuff your face. Make sure you’re familiar with the rules beforehand.

12. Hikari Sushi, Chatsworth

The third and final all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant is Hikari, which recently added a handful of new appetizers. Their offerings include takoyaki, yellowtail sashimi, and shrimp dumplings. *drool*

13. Katsu-Ya, Encino, Northridge, Studio City, Woodland Hills 

With four locations from revolutionary chef Katsuya Uechi, the Valley continues to prove that it’s truly blessed. Stop by one of those locations to get some seriously high-grade sushi. 

14. SO Sushi, Tarzana and Woodland Hills

SO sushi delivers fresh, quality fish and has a catchy motto: “Shut up and eat.” What more could one ask for? (Maybe a Sapporo to wash it all down, but they’ve also got you covered there.)

15. Sun Sushi, Northridge

If you go to, work at, or live near CSUN, you know that Sun Sushi is a staple. The ambiance is great and you can often eat for less than $20. 

16. Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa, Studio City

This is admittedly not a local or locally owned spot. There are Sugarfish restaurants all over Los Angeles, totaling 11 locations, and in four New York. Pro tip: the Studio City location is a great date spot and the takeout boxes are perfect for picnics. Thank me later.


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  1. Not sure how you can leave Aguachiles and A la Diabla sushi off this list. It’s a must try if you haven’t been.

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