In 2019 Kali Uchis opened her purse and wrote a $1.7 million check to purchase a residence in the trendy Valley Village neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley. (Boss sh*t, tbh.)

The Los Angeles Times reported that Uchis, who’s a Colombian American born in Virginia, purchased the home for $1.722 million.

“In 4,070 square feet, the home holds five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms across two stories,” wrote LA Times staff writer Jack Flemming.

A Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Uchis is one of many iconic women to choose to live in the Valley.

Marilyn Monroe grew up in Van Nuys, attended Van Nuys High School, and also lived in Valley Village, Tommy Gelinas — founder and owner of Valley Relics Museum — told us in 2020.

So… what makes Valley Village so desirable?

Nestor Aguilar, a real estate agent and video content creator based in Canoga Park, said it’s hard to describe the vibe of Valley Village.

“If you were asking me as a buyer, I’d say it’s a family-oriented, trendy neighborhood close to the boulevard. If you’re asking me as a seller, I’d say it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s rapidly appreciating.”

According to Aguilar, you won’t be able to snag a Valley Village home for less than $750,000.

Part of what makes Valley Village so special is that it borders Valley Glen, Studio City, North Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks — all very trendy neighborhoods in the area.

“Valley Village is kind of like the Silver Lake of the Valley,” Aguilar said. “It’s cheaper than Studio City and Sherman Oaks, because it’s not directly [north of] the boulevard, but it still has that small-town allure that Studio City and Sherman Oaks have.”


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