I’m not mad at how many different restaurants around the San Fernando Valley offer micheladas — or miches, as they’re commonly known. I was born in the Valley and have lived here most of my life, minus scattered months in different parts of México and San Jose, California. 

I also have a borderline obsessive love for micheladas, so I get annoyed when I sip on one that’s made incorrectly. Using Yelp as a reference, along with suggestions from friends and family, I tried a total of 18 micheladas all over the San Fernando Valley. 

As difficult as it was to narrow it down to just a handful, here are the five Valley michelada spots that I will definitely be returning to. (In no particular order, though the first one was my favorite.)

The best micheladas in the San Fernando Valley

1. Añejo Cantina and Grill, Sherman Oaks

This is the Sunday brunch place. There is no doubt you will run into at least one person you know, if not half the valley. The food is super yummy, and the drinks are even better. Most people love this spot for their brunch bottomless mimosas but don’t sleep on the micheladas because they are the tits! Small suggestion: Order without cucumbers for a more…authentic taste.

2. Papa Juan’s Baja Grill, San Fernando, North Hollywood

This small (and super cute) establishment offers specialty micheladas with and without shrimp. The micheladas are simply amazing. From my first sip to my last drop, it was entirely too hard to stop myself from ordering more than one.

3. Casa Vega, Sherman Oaks

If you didn’t know Casa Vega before, you definitely know it after Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Besides its feature on the big screen, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner famously got drunk at Casa Vega before covering Kim Kardashian’s mansion in toilet paper. Anyway, this michelada was a pleasant surprise. In fact, I only ordered a second one here!

4. Culichitown Town Sylmar, Sylmar

My first visit to Culichitown was epic. The vibe in the restaurant is very lively and fun! The micheladas are simple but delicious and not overdone with Worcestershire sauce. My favorite part might be the calendario – a large rubber duck with a large sparkler and a range of tequila shots, yum!

5. La Corona Bar and Grill, Lake Balboa

This spot became home base for me, because the micheladas are delicious and it’s fairly close to me. Like everyone else, I am obsessed with plants. La Corona Bar and Grill has plants all over the restaurant, giving a bit of a ~jungle vibe~ as I sipped on my drink. Shrimp or no shrimp, always get the straw!

6. I Love Micheladas, Canoga Park

We visited I Love Micheladas during our excursion to Topanga Social back when it first opened. The adorable, neon-lit shop features Mexican seafood faves like ceviche and other mariscos. But, as the name suggests, it’s the micheladas that are worth the trip. They’re just as tangy as they are refreshing.

7. Puta Cruda, Northridge

If you really don’t feel like having a drink at a restaurant and prefer a homemade michelada with zero hassle, try PUTA CRUDA. 
If I’m being real, I was skeptical before I tried it — but now there’s never a time I don’t have a bottle in the fridge. All you need is a beer and a generous pour of the mix, and listo! Since this is your mix, you can go nuts with Bloody Marys too. Either way, say “bye bye” to your cruda!


I was born in the San Fernando Valley and have lived here most of my life, minus a few months when I lived in San Jose, California and different parts of México. My life's mantra is mulitas, tacos, micheladas, and tequila—and I firmly believe that "The Valley" only applies to the 818. Sorry, not sorry.

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