Whether you’re looking for your very first plant (welcome to plant parenthood!) or hoping to add some more babies to your family, check out the list below to support Valley kids selling plants.

1. Brandon the Plant Guy, Van Nuys

Brandon the Plant Guy has only been selling plants for about a year, but what a year he’s had. According to his Instagram account, in the last seven months, Brandon the Plant Guy has sold 7,000 plants! He gets new inventory on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays — check out his Instagram page for the drops.

2. Indoor Wilderness LA, Panorama City

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Indoor Wilderness LA will always be the original eucalyptus plug. When we first got into putting the plant in our shower as aromatherapy (because the steam releases the eucalyptus’s scent), Indoor Wilderness LA was one of the only shops that carried it. Don’t worry, though: Indoor Wilderness LA sells more than just eucalyptus!

3. Valley Girl Gardens, Granada Hills

Established in 2017, Valley Girl Gardens has a cute outdoor setup in a Granada Hills home. Whether you need plants, sage, crystals, candles, or merch, Valley Girl Gardens is your go-to! Follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their inventory and their next pop-up dates.

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4. Greenwood Shop, Valley Village

Greenwood Shop is the only plant plug with a storefront (big flex). Located at 12441 ½ W. Magnolia Blvd. in Valley Village, Greenwood Shop offers plants and planters, accessories, and an apothecary. The store is open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. daily and is a great way to surround yourself with nature without having to actually go out into nature.

5. Happy Garden Home, Burbank

Perhaps the best thing about Happy Garden Home — besides the beautiful plants, of course — is their uplifting Instagram captions. Happy Garden Home’s account is also a great way to learn how to propagate (making new plants from current plants) and how to transfer your cuttings to soil. To learn more about Happy Garden Home, visit their website.

By Diana Bonilla and Natalie Arroyo Camacho

The best thing we’ve learned this year is to invest our dollars in our community. There are so many creative, talented, and intelligent individuals in the Valley — so many of us pursuing our passions, building businesses, and purchasing homes here (to keep the gentrifiers out, of course).

Valley Gems creator Diana Bonilla collaborated with Viva the Valley to encourage us to put our money where it pays for our neighbors’ groceries and not for a millionaire’s third vacation home.

Shop these Valley businesses for all your holiday needs, and remember: You can always buy gift cards!

In this article:

Apparel and accessories

You know you want Valley-inspired merch by inspired Valley kids.


2. ELE ERRE Design

3. PINetration®

4. Shop Trio

5. Mimster Shop

6. Valley Blossomed

7. Simple Threads

8. La Dolce Vintage

9. Queso con Loroco

10. Black and Moon Co.

11. Shop Chapilinda

12. Romina Swim

13. Hamsa Club

14. Sincerely Sweet Boutique


You know, in case you don’t want to make a cake or pie or bake at all.

15. Sugary and Salty Bakery

16. Lotus Bakery

17. Bossin Bakery

18. The Sweet Spot

19. For the Love of Dough


Get a cut or gift card for the person in your life who consistently has a fresh line-up.

20. Standard Barbershop

21. Rose Garden Barbershop

22. Left Hook Barbershop

23. C.A.P.S. Barbershop

24. Valley’s Finest Barber Lounge


Who ever turned down a spa or spa-like treatment?

25. Tess Esthetics

26. Bangin’ Bebs

27. Yukionna Lashes

28. Brows by Killa Briii

29. PABL Gang

30. The Little Gem Studio

31. Wax Junkie


Yummmm, beer.

32. San Fernando Brewing Company

33. MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

34. 8one8 Brewing

35. Hand-Brewed Beer

36. Cellador Ales

Home goods

Candles, plants, mugs, boutiques, and other aesthetic things…

37. Valley Girl Apothecary

38. NoHo Candle Co. and Studio

39. Siren Coast Candles

40. West-End Market

41. Eli Greenery

42. Brandon the Plant Guy

43. Valley Girl Craft Co.

44. Sour Times Shop


From record stores to book stores and comic books to sneakers…

45. The Midnight Hour

46. Tía Chucha’s

47. Sneaker Hustle USA

48. We Can Be Heroes

49. Toy Mandala

50. Valley Relics Museum

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Valley kids support Valley kids — at least here we do, and we always will. These Instagram accounts are run by San Fernando Valley residents and range from small businesses to non-profits to fashion. 

Read on to see which of these accounts you can check off your list and which you need to add ASAP. Also, this is (obviously) not a complete list. If we missed your favorite page, let us know: We’ll add it!


1. Valley Community Fridges

The Valley community fridge purchases and provides food, water, and clothing to unhoused folks in the Valley.

2. The Valley of Change

The Valley of Change organizers have been protesting police brutality, noon-8 p.m., on the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard for almost 200 days straight.

3. Tía Chucha’s

Tía Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore is a Valley cultural hub in Sylmar “where art and minds meet for change.”

4. Pacoima Beautiful

Pacoima Beautiful is involved in local policymaking and supports local arts and culture to promote a healthy and sustainable San Fernando Valley. (You go, Pacoima Beautiful!)

5. Valley Gems

Created by Valley girl Diana Bonilla, Valley Gems is an Instagram account dedicated to “highlighting and celebrating the amazing beings and places of the San Fernando Valley.”

6. Valley Relics Museum

If you’re into Valley history, Valley Relics Museum is the account for you. They share the good stuff, like this photo below that’s from 1947 (!).

7. San Fernando Valley

If you’re looking for picturesque landscapes or photos of Valley landmarks, look no further than the San Fernando Valley Instagram account.

8. Somos Familia Valle

Somos Familia Valle, which shares its initials with the San Fernando Valley, is a community organization created and led by local, low-income, first-generation college students who are LGBTQ+ people of color and immigrants.

9. Valley Views SFV

Valley Views SFV is a radio show on 101.5FM that shares the stories of brilliant people from the San Fernando Valley every Sunday at 10 a.m.

10. My Valley Pass

My Valley Pass serves as an “online visitors’ guide dedicated to highlighting all of the arts, entertainment, and music exclusively in the San Fernando Valley.”

11. Meet the 818

Meet the 818 is “a local’s guide to the San Fernando Valley” run by Valley resident Danrochelle D. Yumul.

12. 818 With Love

818 With Love provides essential items, such as clothing, food, and drinks, to unhoused neighbors in the 818.

Fashion and apparel

13. By Narges

By Narges is a fashion blog and Instagram account by ever-so-stylish Valley girl Narges Motamedi.


Founded by Valley girl Alisa Damaso, VLY GRL is a brand that smashes stereotypes about Valley girls through apparel and poetry.

15. Viva La Bonita

A lifestyle and apparel brand founded by San Fernando Valley native Rachel Gomez, Viva La Bonita is “inspired by the spirit of the Mujeres who are fearless.”

16. Simple Threads

Three months ago, go-getter April Diaz decided to share her impeccable style via her very own Valley Village boutique.

Photographers and videographers

17. 818 Insider

Started by Valley kid and realtor Nestor Aguilar, The 818 Insider showcases the ‘hood through dope photos and amazing video content of different Valley landmarks.

18. Victor Greenwood

Photographer, activist, and Valley kid Victor Greenwood is also the creator of Sincerely Vic POV, where you can see different areas of the Valley as well as shots from the current protests and general happenings in the LA area.

19. Valley Haunts

Valley Haunts highlights architecture and oddities in the San Fernando Valley.


20. Guayaba Kitchen

Guayaba Kitchen makes plant-based food available to people in the Valley.

21. San Fernando Valley Eats

According to their Instagram bio, San Fernando Valley Eats is the “number one source for food and drinks in the San Fernando Valley.”

22. Suz the Foodie

This is one of our favorite accounts. Suz the Foodie always brings the fire when it comes to food and drink recommendations in the Valley.

Plants and candles

23. Valley Girl Apothecary

Michelle Alvarado is the boss at Valley Girl Apothecary, where she makes and sells candles, but also posts dope spots around the Valley.

24. Valley Girl Gardens

You guessed it: Valley Girl Gardens is your go-to for all things plants in the Valley. You can also get apparel, sage, crystals, and other goodies from Valley Girl Gardens.

25. Siren Coast Candles

Valley girls and close friends Jessica Fuentes and Samantha Koneck handcraft gorgeous soy candles in recycled glass.

Did we miss your favorite Valley-based page? Let us know in the comments, or send us an email, or DM us on Instagram.