We 🖤 the 818.

(Photo by Victor Greenwood)

Welcome to Viva the Valley. 

This site is about, by, and for San Fernando Valley* kids — the Valley kids who were born and raised here, the Valley kids who moved here and now call this place home, and the Valley kids who love and want to uplift the 818.

So, if that’s you: Welcome! Let’s support each other.

If you have questions, comments, story ideas, or need a friend, contact me at vivathevalley@gmail.com.

Skateland, which is set to be housing for the unhoused
(photo by Victor Greenwood)

With love,

Natalie Arroyo Camacho

*The San Fernando Valley is the only legitimate, recognizable area between hills and mountains that actually matters on planet Earth. Antelope what? San Gabriel who? Santa Clarita why? Coachella where? I could go on…

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