Our story

After years—no, decades—of hearing negative things about the San Fernando Valley, we started to wonder: Why? The Valley, as the locals call it, has an abundance of culture: Things were, and are, made here. There’s a rich history here. Marilyn Monroe was born and raised here (light flex).

The San Fernando Valley is a magical and diverse place. Valley kids—those of us who call this place home—are accountants, barbers, brewers, chemists, designers, electricians, engineers, painters, parents, photographers, poets, scientists, writers, and so much more.

A view of the San Fernando Valley
(photo by Victor Greenwood)

We’re all about mom-and-pop shops, small town feels, and culture. (Oh, and there are more than 1.7 million people here. In 2018, San Francisco’s population was approximately  880K.) 

It’s about damn time someone started to tell our stories. In Spanish, “viva” means “long live,” and our mission is to tell our stories to make sure that the Valley lives on.