By Diana Bonilla and Natalie Arroyo Camacho

The best thing we’ve learned this year is to invest our dollars in our community. There are so many creative, talented, and intelligent individuals in the Valley — so many of us pursuing our passions, building businesses, and purchasing homes here (to keep the gentrifiers out, of course).

Valley Gems creator Diana Bonilla collaborated with Viva the Valley to encourage us to put our money where it pays for our neighbors’ groceries and not for a millionaire’s third vacation home.

Shop these Valley businesses for all your holiday needs, and remember: You can always buy gift cards!

In this article:

Apparel and accessories

You know you want Valley-inspired merch by inspired Valley kids.


2. ELE ERRE Design

3. PINetration®

4. Shop Trio

5. Mimster Shop

6. Valley Blossomed

7. Simple Threads

8. La Dolce Vintage

9. Queso con Loroco

10. Black and Moon Co.

11. Shop Chapilinda

12. Romina Swim

13. Hamsa Club

14. Sincerely Sweet Boutique


You know, in case you don’t want to make a cake or pie or bake at all.

15. Sugary and Salty Bakery

16. Lotus Bakery

17. Bossin Bakery

18. The Sweet Spot

19. For the Love of Dough


Get a cut or gift card for the person in your life who consistently has a fresh line-up.

20. Standard Barbershop

21. Rose Garden Barbershop

22. Left Hook Barbershop

23. C.A.P.S. Barbershop

24. Valley’s Finest Barber Lounge


Who ever turned down a spa or spa-like treatment?

25. Tess Esthetics

26. Bangin’ Bebs

27. Yukionna Lashes

28. Brows by Killa Briii

29. PABL Gang

30. The Little Gem Studio

31. Wax Junkie


Yummmm, beer.

32. San Fernando Brewing Company

33. MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

34. 8one8 Brewing

35. Hand-Brewed Beer

36. Cellador Ales

Home goods

Candles, plants, mugs, boutiques, and other aesthetic things…

37. Valley Girl Apothecary

38. NoHo Candle Co. and Studio

39. Siren Coast Candles

40. West-End Market

41. Eli Greenery

42. Brandon the Plant Guy

43. Valley Girl Craft Co.

44. Sour Times Shop


From record stores to book stores and comic books to sneakers…

45. The Midnight Hour

46. Tía Chucha’s

47. Sneaker Hustle USA

48. We Can Be Heroes

49. Toy Mandala

50. Valley Relics Museum

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As a writer and first-generation Mexican American born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I'm passionate about celebrating the communities in the 818. That passion fueled the founding of Viva the Valley in November 2020 and it continues to fuel its upkeeping. Full time, I'm a writer and editor at California State University, Northridge. I also am a freelancer and work with editors at websites and magazines as well as small business owners who want to share more on their business blogs.

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