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The 818 Insider Among Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Magazine’s Top 25 LA Bloggers

Nestor Aguilar is out to put the San Fernando Valley on the map — and it's about damn time.

In May 2020, Nestor Aguilar — a real estate agent and video content creator — had an idea to make a Valley-based blog to harness and empower the community of the San Fernando Valley. Since then, Aguilar has embraced his persona as The 818 Insider.

A few months after launching, his hard work would start to pay off in an increased following — which today is quickly approaching 4,000. In February 2021, Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Magazine ranked The 818 Insider among the 25 top bloggers in Los Angeles.

The importance of this achievement cannot be understated, for the Valley or for Aguilar, who had a vision for this vlog.

“[I had] a vision to help and give back to my 818 family,” Aguilar wrote in an Instagram post on Feb. 19. “A vision to showcase to the world through amazing video content what The Valley is all about, a vision to put our beautiful San Fernando Valley on the map, a vision to make a difference and share my love for the 818.”

As a proud Valley girl, I’m thrilled that Aguilar has made, and will continue to make, his vision a reality — because his achievements aren’t just his own.

“This accomplishment is for YOU San Fernando Valley. We are ALL @the818insider,” he closed his Instagram post.

Prominent Valley businesses — including Truman House Tavern and Valley Relics Museum —rejoiced in Aguilar’s comments, sharing compliments and congratulations.

When reflecting on this honor, Aguilar said he had a mix of emotions.

“I’m totally undeserving of this, because this is for my people, this is for my Valley,” he said. “I created this to showcase what’s important to be showcased — and that’s the people in our community, the people who are working hard to provide for our community.”

They Valley’s small businesses are a big part of our community, according to Aguilar — which is why his vision is to bring unity, love, and support for all our small businesses.

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